A Little About Me!

Hello,  my name is Kerri Collins. I am a qualified Cert 4 Massage therapist and I have studied other massage modalities including, deep tissue, acupressure, advanced relaxation, lymphatic drainage and reflexology .  I believe massage should be included as part of living a healthy lifestyle. Those who choose to supplement their healthcare regime with regular massage will not only enjoy the relaxing massage but will feel the benefits carry over days after they have had their massage. Massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

My particular style around massage treatments is to combine and flow with a fusion of the different techniques I have learnt, to create an overall indulgent, deep healing,  therapeutic massage to leave you feeling  relaxed , refreshed and renewed. I customise my massages to each individual as we are all unique and have different likes and requirements.

My passion is all about living a natural healthy, active balanced lifestyle! I believe our body is our temple and our home is our sanctuary so love it and treat it well. 


I LOVE learning, researching and sharing health and wellness information, affirmations and gentle reminders to help inspire and empower women of all ages. I am all about eating a quality natural whole foods plant based, gut supporting diet and living as closely aligned with nature as is possible. A balanced healthy body comes from having a balanced healthy mind, body and spirit.

My other passions and hobbies include a love of nature and the outdoors, gardening – growing my own vegetables and herbs, hiking, mountain bike riding, the beach, Pilates, renovating and design, reading, music, farmers markets and I love developing and creating my own recipes.

My message is – Self Love first – let go of self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Accept yourself unconditionally exactly as you are. Only compete with yourself – each day we can improve on the day before. Nourish and care for your mind and body from the inside-out.

My Principles for Healthy Living..

Self love, wholefoods, water, air, sunshine, exercise, sleep, healthy relationships, human touch and passion.

We only have one body to live in. Do what you LOVE. Love what you DO.

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